Training Services

Customized and delivered in person or online
Once our academic coordinator understands your specific needs, we will customize the content of your courses and schedule the classes to meet the availability of you and your staff. If you are in South Florida, we can deliver training in person on site, otherwise, we use user-friendly online video conferencing software to anyone anywhere. Let us know your needs at the bottom of this page!


  1. Managing Diverse Teams
    Managing Diverse Teams
    Raise your ability to understand and adapt to the needs of a diverse workforce. Allowing flexibility in working styles is key to maintain a good working environment and increase productivity.
  2. Microsoft Office Expert
    Microsoft Office Expert
    Raise your ability to use advanced features of Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint. We make sure you are comfortable with the tasks needed for your role.
  3. Core Project Management Skills
    Core Project Management Skills
    We help you select the tools and techniques that are right for your business to effectively manage simple to complex projects
  4. Social Media Expert
    Social Media Expert
    Learn advanced skills to promote your business effectively using social media tools - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and more. From the basics of setting up accounts to the power of targeted posting and advertising.
  5. Attract Diverse Customers
    Attract Diverse Customers
    Should you broaden your targeted customer base? Which customer groups are you not attracting and why? We give you strategies and tools to attract more diverse customers and delight them, growing your business.
  6. Practical Marketing Strategies
    Practical Marketing Strategies
    Apply proven theory to practice in this hands-on course that walks you through every step to develop and execute an effective marketing strategy
  7. Effectively Lead Teams
    Effectively Lead Teams
    Develop advanced management skills to maximize team efficiency and productivity, align all tasks to company core values, and reduce staff turnover
  8. Advanced Customer Service Skills
    Advanced Customer Service Skills
    Learn essential skills and techniques to surpass customer expectations, gain loyalty, and increase word-of-mouth recommendations
  9. Getting Results with CRM
    Getting Results with CRM
    What customer communication software is the best choice for your business? We help you decide and get you up and running to execute an effective communication plan that delivers results.
  10. Facebook Ad Master
    Facebook Ad Master
    Learn the strategy to use this powerful tool to cost-effectively market your business, sell specific products and get the critical data you need to evolve your business. Stop playing with FB and use it like a pro!
Give us the details and we will gladly provide a solution.
Please allow a minimum of 30 days to customize content.
Please tell us about your company your training needs: how many staff, when, what format and what topic(s)