Customer Testimonials

  1. Wayne has coached and advised me on a wide range of complimentary business development and sales improvement techniques, including more recently, ‘Intercultural Competence’. It’s really fascinating to put this learning into practice during international business trips including Japan, Africa and indeed the US. Given that McLarens is a global organisation, conducting business in over 80 Countries, this training is vital for us.
    Mark Rogers McLarens, Aviation Industry, United Kingdom
  2. The seminar was extremely helpful, wonderful, fantastic, clear and very informative. So many companies and business people would benefit from your seminars.
    Karin Mitchell Melaleuca, Health Products, Florida
  3. Very qualified, experienced and sincere speaker. Wayne, your anecdotes were fantastic. So many experiences in your life to share. You also managed to inspire a lot of audience participation at the end which is always a huge challenge in presentations. The presentation along with examples of Articles i.e. Forbes etc. and real life examples & experience of Wayne was excellent.
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